Relax and enjoy the outdoors and nature with the babbling brook nearby.

A small-sized campsite by cherry trees along a brook

located in the area in 10 minutes driving distance to the KUMANO TAISHA shrine.
It’s an outdoor field located in a world heritage site.

OTONASHI NO SATO is an outdoor field close to the KUMANO KODO ancient roads that are designated as a world heritage site. Our site is located in 10 minutes driving distance to the KUMANO TAISHA shrine. The facilities we hold are not so large, not so new, or not perfect either, so, we are daily making every effort to make the conditions of our facilities improved in order to satisfy as many visitors that visit here as we can.

おとなしの郷 フリーサイトは30区画あり

We welcome people who visit here by motorcycle!


About usage time

Check-in time : 10:00 – 20:00
Check-out deadline : by 10:30
Check-in deadline : by 10:00
Check-out deadline : by 16:00

Fee to use campsite

Free drop-in campsite

Rate per night for drop-in campsite user

Visitors by motor-bike 1,750 yen per driver
1,400 yen per passenger
Visitors by car 2,450 yen for driver
1,550 yen per adult passenger
900 yen per child
Visitors by bicycle 1,750 yen
Visitors on foot 1,400 yen

Comparted Campsite

Weekdays (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday) 1,000 yen for night per block
Normal day before holidays (The day before Friday, Saturday, and a public holiday) 2,000 yen per night per block
During GOLDEN WEEK holidays / BON festival period3,000 yen per night per block.
Room rate for comparted site users 1,750 yen for driver
1,400 yen per passenger
For car users2,450 yen per driver
1,550 yen per passenger
900 yen per child (3-12 years old)
For bicycle users1,750 yen per person
For visitors on foot 1,400 yen per person
Area size
(A to F) Length 8m x Width 7m
(G) Length 4.5m x Width 10m
Check-in: 13:00 and later
Check-out daedline: by 11:00 the next day

How to use campsite on the day

Admission fee 1,000 yen per person
800 yen per child
Parking fee1,000 yen per car
400 yen per motorcycle

<Payment Methods>

In addition to cash,

we accept the following cashless payment options.

Rental Gears

Our store has the largest variety of outdoor equipment in the prefecture.

Our staff who loves outdoor activities has confidently selected the products.

Let’s Have a BBQ!

Visit our campsite without your BBQ equipment and enjoy a BBQ using our BBQ grilling kit arranged in collaboration with a local butcher, ensuring that it is cost-effective and makes everyone satisfied.


“Convenient, delicious, and very interesting” We have a lineup of products from these perspectives.

Prohibitions and Precautions

Acts of damaging buildings, facilities, equipment, etc.
Throwing cigarette butts to the ground (be sure to use a portable ash tray).
Cutting standing trees and collecting plants in the area including the adjacent land.
Use of a bonfire or a SHICHIRIN (:clay charcoal stove) without using any equipment( use of an open flame is prohibited).
Use of a generator (however, a silent lithium battery generator may be used).
KARAOKE, listening to the radio at a loud volume, playing music at a loud volume.
Using a floodlight and other equipment that emits strong light.
Doing campfires, fireworks, barbecues after 21:00 and doing things that might annoy other visitors.
Fireworks that make a sound, such as firecrackers (You may use fireworks that you hold in your hand and do not make a loud noise).
Leaving the car with the motor idling in the parking lot or the auto-campsite at night anytime after 20:00.
Driving into the free-campsite.
The administrator is not responsible for any trouble, accidents, thefts, etc. between users in this facility.
Be sure to carry your valuables with you.
All pets must be leased and not bother other guests around you.
Please be aware in advance that the administrator will not be involved in any of your troubles with other users.
Place your permit and parking certificate in a conspicuous place, such as right under the windshield.
Turn down the volume of the radio, music, etc. as much as possible, and be careful not to disturb people around you.
Be careful when handling fire. When you leave the campsite for a while, such as when going to bed, be sure to water the charcoal or bonfire to extinguish the fire completely.
Crows and pigeons may come to the venue, so please do not leave food outside when you go out or go to bed.
When shipping a package in advance, please be sure to inform us of the arrival date, arrival time, and quantity of the package by the day before.
Luggage cannot be picked up on our regular holidays.
The administrator is not responsible for any loss or damage of the delivered items.
Please separate and dispose of your garbage at the garbage collection point designated by the campsite. Bring your trash home as much as possible.
Separate combustible waste and recyclable waste (cans, glass bottles, PET bottles).
Make sure your remaining charcoal is not lit when disposing of it. Do not leave the remaining charcoal inside the campsite.
Do not bury garbage or leftover charcoal in the soil.
Do not dispose of household appliances, tires, batteries, or other non-burnable garbage in the garbage collection area.
Be sure to close the garbage bag.


45-3, Wataze, Hongu-cho, Tanabe-city, Wakayama-prefecture, 647-1733 Japan

For inquiry and reservations

TEL 0735-42-1777

For inquiry and reservations
For inquiry and reservationsこちら

Answering hours and shop holidays

10 : 00~20 : 00
Closed on Thursdays(Open on national holidays, and closed on the following days of national holidays) Open everyday, including Thursdays, during the year-end and new year holidays, GOLDEN WEEK holidays, and holidays during BON festival.