Rental Gear


“I want to display various camping equipment as if I turned the toy box upside down. This will satisfy every type of customer!

We carefully select and rent only items we can recommend with confidence.

ウェーバー チャコールグリル

Enjoy a BBQ like a Hollywood movie star with a flashy Weber “Charcoal Grill”.

ピザ窯 ウニ カル( Ooni Karu )

For those who want to bake pizza outdoors, we recommend the pizza oven made by OONI.


We have all varieties of the solo stoves, with less smoke and a beautiful outline of the flame.


PT-1Fire stand2800 yen
PT-2“B-6 Kimi” compact bonfire grill 800 yen
PT-3Pico Grill 3981,000 yen
PT-4Solo Stove Yukon Kit5,000 yen
PT-5Solo Stove Bonfire Kit3,000 yen
PT-6Solo Stove Ranger Kit2,000 yen
PT-1Uniflame Fire Grill Large1,200 yen
ユニフレーム ファイアグリ


Product number Product namePrice
CO-1Hot sand maker500 yen
CO-2Ooni Karu Pizza kiln + 2 pces of pizza set4,000 yen
CO-3Ooni Karu Pizza kiln3,000 yen
CO-4Torch burner (with 1 gas cartridge)600 yen
CO-5Cassette stove KAZEMARU1,000 yen
CO-6Weber performer grill6,000 yen
CO-7Uniframe tough grill 600 full size net set1,500 yen
CO-8Uniframe tough grill 600 iron plate half set1,500 yen
CO-9HONMA SEISAKUSHO smoker F-5101,500 yen
CO-10Rental iron plate 30 x 45 cm500 yen
CO-11Rice cooker500 yen
ユニフレーム タフグリル600 フルサイズ網セット
ホンマ製作所 スモーカー F-510


Product numberProduct namePrice
LA-1Barebones Railroad lamp LED1,000 yen
LA-2Rechargeable LED lantern (rope handle)1,000 yen
LA-3Rechargeable LED lantern (leather handle)800 yen
LA-4Coleman North Star Gas Lantern Green2,000 yen
LA-5Coleman North Star Gas Lantern Red2,000 yen
LA-6Coleman LED Reversible Lantern1,000 yen

Chairs / tables

Product numberProduct namePrice
FU-1Outdoor ping-pong table1,000 yen
FU-2Double size hammock2,500 yen
FU-3ONWAY Comfort low chair1,500 yen
FU-4ONWAY BBQ game table1,500 yen
FU-5Uniframe bonfire table Bespoke 1,000 yen
FU-6Uniframe bonfire table large1,000 yen
ONWAY BBQゲームテーブル
ONWAY コンフォート ローチェア

Other miscellaneous goods

Product numberProduct namePrice
ZK-1Snow Peak pile driver800 yen
ZK-2Tent sheet300 yen
ZK-3Pet cage (with 3 bottom sheets) (for rent)1,500 yen
ZK-4Otter box Venture hard cooler3,000 yen
ZK-5Snow Peak Mountain Research A.M.Jug2,500 yen
ZK-6Tripas Products Tsuno Stand Short1,500 yen
ZK-7Iceland Cooler Bespoke Olive1,000 yen
ZK-8Chams orange Bespoke Wagon500 yen
ZK-9Leisure Sheet (Colorful)500 yen
ZK-10Leisure Mat (ultra-thick)500 yen
ZK-11Blanket (Flannel blanket)500 yen
ZK-12Tarp tent2,000 yen

スノーピーク マウンテンリサーチ A.M.Jug

Games and things to play

Product numberProduct namePrice
YG-1Mahjong tile (with a Mahjong mat)800 yen
YG-2Demon blade DONJARA-mahjong for rent700 yen
YG-3Scope Tech Raptor 60 Astronomical telescope set1,500 yen
YG-4Scope Tech Atlas 80 Astronomical telescope set4,500 yen

Amenity / seasonal rental items

Product numberProduct namePrice
AM-1Bath towel for rent200 yen
SS-1Mosquito coils (a tray + 2 coils)350 yen
SS-2Hot water bottle 2L (with hot water)500 yen

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How to return items

The time to accept the return is from 9:00 to 11:00 the next morning.
Bring the items to the return shelf next to the entrance. Please speak to the staff when returning.

Precautions when using

 < Initial defects >

< What to do if the product is damaged or lost >

Please note that If the rented item is lost or stolen, you will have to reimburse the item for 80% of the purchase cost.

TEL 0735-42-1777